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Fantastic News! Allotments Saved

On Wednesday 13th April Edinburgh Council refused the planning application submitted by Avant Homes to build on the allotments. There was recognition of the huge benefits that allotments provide, not just in encouraging healthy eating and exercise, but also for mental health, general well-being and social contact.

The application was deeply unpopular, receiving 281 comments, with only 1% in favour of the proposal, 278 against. This, along with a submitted petition of over 3000 signatures, showed the huge support within the local community for saving the allotments.

The public gallery at the Council Chambers was full to capacity with standing room only.

Speakers against the proposal included representatives from the allotment committee, the local Community Council, local residents and ward Councillors.

The local community and plot holders are pleased the Planning Committee recognises that the site is more valuable to the community as allotments and open space. It was fantastic to see that opposition to the proposal was unanimous and cross-party.

We can now look at our options for securing this site for future generations to enjoy.

You can watch the full hearing here:

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